17 Nov 2010

zero idea

currently at Starbucks with Nedned. drinking Caramel Latte Ice just make me feels good. fyi, am done with my muet and i feel likes i wanna fly high. no more examinations! hell yeah. now, i have to concentrate on my works. working in corporate and tourism department makes my life more miserable cause a lots of events and programme i have to handle. prepare a paper work, letter, memo, meetings and so on. eventho people in the office are too cruel and itchy, i just do my own business! dont even care what people talk about me. they dont even know me. being myself is really great, at least am not a hypocrite. am i right?

thats all for tonight. i have nothing to say. am totally out of idea.


1 comment:

Farah Hanis said...

yeahh.. gudluck for ur muet!