3 Sep 2009

jack sparrow

from : mighty jack sparrow

amoy: thanks =D

he's too special for u? so u just wanna let him go and go for the less special instead? bullshit. go for it. just get the hell out and go to him. go kick ass girl! You deserve him!

tuhan saja yang tahu. aku menangis ketika selesai membaca kata semangat dari jack sparrow.

to mr jack ; i cant. i really can't effort to own him. he is too special for me. too nice. too kind. i tak akan lepaskan dia. itu yang pasti. tapi dia yang mahu lepaskan amoy. i sudah buat sehabis baik. try my best. and at the end.. the story is not a happy ending. i kalah.

btw. tnx mr jack sparrow. moga tuhan panjangkan hubungan kalian. amoy doakan yang terbaik. go ! go !.


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

to love someone is not during when he is perfect, but when he is at his most imperfect times.

that way, love is cherished beautifully.

just cry, amoy. Even the Prophet (SAW) said that by crying, it cleans the soul.

If he is so much better for you, then it is time for a change to keep up with his standard. And I have the absolute trust in you that you will one day grow into one fine lady.

And that only start with just one small step. the deal breaker is, do you have the courage to step forward, now?

amoy said...
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amoy said...

only him knows how to cheer me up.